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Modernisation makes an elevator safe attractive and efficient. The building itself looks modern. Passengers experience good ride and comfort also. It reduces waiting time hence provide peace of mind to passengers.

specializes in modernizing existing older elevator systems. After decades of continuous operation, the controls and drive systems of any elevator can become less reliable, despite quality maintenance. Breakdowns become more frequent and more difficult to repair as components become obsolete and replacement more difficult. Though possibly state-of-the-art when new, the control logic that is the brains of your elevator dispatching is now grossly inefficient. The car finishes your building clientele see every day become dated. It's time to modernize...

Whether we currently provide service for your elevators or not, we will be happy to perform an in-depth analysis of your elevators. Often we find that problems you may be having with your elevator systems is a result of inadequate maintenance, which can be remedied with some upfront repairs followed by a better service program. In many cases, however, the vintage of the equipment, overall wear and lack of serviceability dictate that a more extensive modernization is in order.

Our experienced staff, which included a professional elevator consultant, field managers / Certified Mechanics will survey the equipment and carefully craft a modernization specification / proposal to best upgrade the elevator system. You can be assured what is proposed, by way of new materials and equipment, are both comprehensive in scope yet not wasteful or unnecessary.

Not always the case with our competitors, all of our elevator modernizations include professional engineering. You will receive accurately prepared submittal layout shop drawings, drawn & plotted to scale, reflecting the complete scope of work. Whenever the work calls for equipment installation or replacement of a structural nature, these submittals will include structural review & supporting calculations prepared by our California licensed structural engineer. As applicable, submittal packages include manufacturer's specific drawings, cut sheets, samples, and selection approval forms.

We take great pride in all but eliminating surprises, extras, change orders, delays, false starts, etc. This can be done only with good site surveys, planning, purchasing, scheduling, communication, coordination, staffing and follow-through. Through our advanced program, we take on the toughest, most complicated elevator modernization project including winding drum conversions, drive machine replacements, control upgrades, deluxe car interior refinishes, hydraulic jack replacements, and many more.

If You feel that your elevators are getting old, there is nasty sound of machines, speed is getting sluggish or looks bad or awful and there by you intend to change all this?

So you are at the right place. clifftop can change your old Elevator or Escalator to new one. We Offer full range of modernization services from redesigning old system, replacement of old part, up gradation of technology to installation of new one.

We can repair your elevators which are not working correctly. Our technicians’ are always ready to provide cost effective resolution to the problem in minimum time.

When Modernization is required?

If you are not sure that when you should go for modernization then please go through given below list with the help of this you will have a clear idea that when your lift want Modernization.

  • If the elevator is more then 10 years old.
  • Looks worn and outdated.
  • Frequently Passengers get trapped inside.
  • Frequent breakdowns.
  • Negative effect on property value.
  • Gives unpleasant noise from machine room.
  • Poor floor leveling and ride comfort.
  • Passengers wait to long in lobby or number of passengers increased.
  • Lift not complies with the present safety codes and standards.

If any one of them or more are true then clifftop can change old elevator to new one or change the particular part or technology according to requirement. Long term experience of our company will help to make best decision

Advantages of modernisation:
  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Safe and reliable travel.
  • Superior reliability.
  • Enhancement in property value.
  • Conformance with standards